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Top 3 Different Ways To Use A Lipstick

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Top 3 Different Ways To Use A Lipstick

Lipstick is one make-up product women all over the world cannot live without. It is one beauty product which enhances the appearance of a woman and brings a lot of confidence in her. Most of the women use this product on their lips to make them attractive and soft. However. there are various ways in which one can use a lipstick other than applying on the lips. Here are top 3 different ways in which one can use a lipstick.

1. Perfect Blush

Imagine you leave for a party and have forgotten to put on your blush? or You are getting ready for your office and have run out of your favorite blush? Horrifying isn’t it?  Well, fret not. You can make your very own blush by using your lipstick. Mix a bit of lipstick with a few drops of argan oil to make your own cream blush. Dab this onto your cheekbones and put major focus on the apples of your cheeks, following the application of your foundation. Blush away.

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2. Excellent Contouring

Ladies, we all know the importance of contouring when it comes to applying make-up. Contouring gives a perfect shape to your face. You can opt for brown and nude lip shades as they are a great way to sculpt your face. If you are trying to curb your beauty expenses or are on a strict budget, then using your lipstick for contouring is an excellent idea. It will make for a perfect contour.

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3. Tinted Lip Balm

Another way you can use a lipstick is by turning it into a perfect tinted lip balm. Take a half-used tin of lip balm and add to it about a quarter of a tube of your favorite lipstick to the tin. Mix it well by either using your finger or the end of a spoon to create your very own  magical tinted lip balm.

Different ways                                                                                      Image Source:

So, ladies what are you waiting for? Use your lipstick in different ways!

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