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Two Trendy DIY Updos for Bad Hair Days


Two Trendy DIY Updos for Bad Hair Days

Bad hair day? If dry shampoos are not your solution, a trendy DIY updo could solve the problem. Let’s get you started with two super easy hairdos, right now:

Twist Tuck Knot updo

“Did it just rain in your area?” Anushka Sharma keeps asking us this on TV nowadays. But we are not thinking of hair fall here (Refer to Anushka ad for a solution to that problem). The thought of flat, oily, dull hair is worrying us. Try as you might for silky smooth hair during the monsoons or chilly weather and you only end up with dry but lifeless locks. Now before you set off to twist it into a bun and hide it behind a beanie, try this awesome twist and tie updo.

DIY: Part your hair into two section and make pony tails. Now loosely twist them and tie them into a knot. Tuck and pin the ends. Voila! Your messy but cool DIY updo for bad hair days is as easy as that.

Twisty Low Bun Updo

When you are short on time and your hair is no mood to corporate, you’ve got to give it a twist… and twist it quick. This super easy DIY low bun is perfect for short to medium hair. Style up the front section in any way you want – a braided head band would be perfect to hide the sticky scalp.

Here’s how you do it. Take a section of your hair, tie it into an inverted pony and repeat. Now, plait what’s left and tuck it into the nape of your neck.

There you go… say goodbye to bad hair woes and rock the braided twists and updo styles.

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