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4 Kinds Of Men You Should Never Ever Date In 2017


4 Kinds Of Men You Should Never Ever Date In 2017

One of the reasons why dating seems like a lot of fun is because you get the opportunity to meet different kind of men- hawt men, ugly men, kind men, gentlemen and others who can only last till the end of the movie.

But, how would you exactly differentiate between a keeper and a loser? Here’s a blog which shares some great tips to learn about the men whom you should not date in 2017. 😉

Mr. Player

Image Source: Men’s stylists

He loves to play. This one is pretty simple. If your man is not loyal to you when you are dating, think how exactly he will behave in a long-term relationship.

Although you may also have a different perspective- for instance, you don’t really mind when he flirts with any other women or you may just ignore his extra marital stories because you love him too much.

You should decide how much you can take and for how long you will tolerate such things.

Mr. Chauvinist

You learn about a guy with the way he treats other women.

Is he dominating? Is he respectful towards women?

There are few characteristics you will find in few Indian men i.e. misogyny and patriarchal attitude towards women.

Things are changing now. Most of them have evolved and now believe in equality. So you should never ever lower your standards.

Mr. Moody

Image Source: Daily Mail/Getty Images

A bad and mad personality shows up only when the honeymoon period is over in the relationship. So when he starts knowing the real you, don’t get disturbed if he starts throwing tantrums or behaves in a different way. Now is the time to decide whether it is acceptable to you or what you should do about it if you are not happy with his behavior.

Never ever tolerate any kid of violence, no matter whether it is verbally or physically or emotionally. Grown men won’t ever change. If you know that he has anger management issues, it’s time to confront him and ask him to get it treated through meditation or yoga.

Mr. Cold

He is never in a good mood. If you are lucky, you will have an awesome time in the bed. However, if there is no action happening in bed and your partner is not bothered about it, it’s advisable to reconsider the relationship.

After all, you should know it earlier than suffering for lifetime. Keep all these excellent tips in mind to choose the best men whose company you would enjoy all the time. 🙂

A writer by choice. A music buff by heart. An ex kho kho player. An elocutionist with a great sense of humor. A small town girl who believes in making out the best of every small thing.

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