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5 Skin Care Tips For “Would-Be-Brides” Of 2017


5 Skin Care Tips For “Would-Be-Brides” Of 2017

5 Skin Care Tips For “Would-Be-Brides” Of 2017

Mirror, mirror on the wall. Tell me who’s the prettiest of all?

Every bride looks beautiful. However, they really work hard to look their best on D-day.

With the right skin care tips and a good diet that works for you can help you get the right glow. Take good care of your skin and sleep for at least six to eight hours. Eat healthy and nutritious food which can repair your skin cells.

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Here’s a blog dedicated to the “Would-be-brides” of 2017 to help you look good this bridal season.


Sleep Well

First and foremost, you should make a routine of sleeping for at least six to eight hours so that you don’t get dark circles or look tired on your D-day.

A sound sleep not only balances your hormones, but it also helps you to relax. This is one of the most important factors to look beautiful on your D-day.

Don’t forget to drink around 12-15 glasses of water to remove all the toxins from the body.


Go For Super Foods

You should always have foods which are rich in vitamins and minerals. This will improve your immunity and help you fight with the regular skin problems.

The reason why you should have a good diet is because it quickly repairs the skin cells. You should also have fruits which are rich in Vitamin C i.e. citrus fruits i.e. guava, watermelon, kiwi, papaya etc.


Cleansing Is A Must

No matter whether its summers or winters, you should always do cleansing. Get some cleansing milk and mix it with rose water, honey, sandalwood paste, turmeric. You can also use saffron based face wash for a glowing skin.


Herbal Face Packs

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This is one of the most natural ways to get natural, glowing soft skin. There are absolutely no chemicals in the face packs. Tulsi is most popularly known for its anti-fungal properties. You can make a pack with tulsi leaves which will remove your tan, dark patches and pigmentation.


Take Special Care OF Your Elbows

The reason we have specifically mentioned elbow is because most of the brides focus on the face, but don’t take care of the elbows which results into dark or uneven skin.

Try to get rid of the dark patches from your elbow. You can make a scrub of lemon and salt which will assure you with excellent results within a week.

Keep all these excellent tips in mind to look beautiful on your D-day.

Good luck! 🙂

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