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Sarabhai V/S Sarabhai: 5 Things We Noticed Live From The Sets

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Sarabhai V/S Sarabhai: 5 Things We Noticed Live From The Sets

Sarabhai V/S Sarabhai: 5 Things We Noticed Live From The Sets

Sarabhai v/s Sarabhai, Dobara Aaye, Dobara Aaye. Oh. Yes. You heard it right. They are finally coming back, and it’s absolutely real. The fans are very excited with the comeback. The entire cast even went live on Hotstar’s FB page where JD Majethia, producer of the show showed the 360 degree view of the house to the visitors.

The new set looks vibrant and colorful. JD Majethia shared a thank you note with all his fans for all the love which the show has received in the past few years.

Here are the top 5 things that the cast revealed about the new season:-

Image Source: Hotstar


Behind The Scenes

The entire cast was present in the show which includes our favourite Roshesh Sarabhai, our very stylish Maya Sarabhai who was flaunting a classy saree, Indravadan ( who’s the most cutest of them all), Saahil and of course Monisha. They all were wearing a nightwear, and even mentioned that they were shooting a night scene.


Roshesh Was Looking Cute

Wooh!!! Roshesh said, ““I acted as hawa during plays earlier, now they’ll make me a cupboard.”. What this mean is that he has been promoted. This time, you can expect Indravadan and Saahil to be a little naughtier.

Just like the previous season, Maya will be strict, and you will find Monisha cuter.
Roshesh also recited a poem for his fans in his signature style.

Aaya aaya Sarabhai family, phir se machane dhoom. Sabki dhadkan karengi dhum-dhum-pat-pat-dhum.”


The reason of Sarabhai Comeback

The producer said that the reason why the show is making a comeback is because of the demand of the audience. It will be a web series this time, and you can watch it on Hotstar.



Image Source: The Indian Express

The producer also showed the cast, who were together in the frame. It must have been nostalgic for all the viewers to see everyone in the frame. He had a word with Saahil as what exactly has changed in the last seven years, and he replied with a blunt “NOTHING”. He later said, ““Bas Monisha sudhar gayi hai. Pehle tissue paper use karti thi, ab toilet roll karti hai”. :p


Monisha Is Still Crazy About Discounts

Oh. We loved Monisha in the frame. She has the same old flamboyant attitude, and she is still not apologetic about it. Yes, they even showed  her torn gowns to the fans. She is still crazy about the discounts. However, she is now trying her best to keep the house clean.

Check out the video here

Sarabhai v/s Sarabhai, Dobara Aaye, Dobara Aaye. 🙂

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