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4 Things That Happened In Justin Bieber India Concert 2017

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4 Things That Happened In Justin Bieber India Concert 2017

4 Things That Happened In Justin Bieber India Concert 2017

Aamchi Mumbai was waiting for this day eagerly. Finally, the JUSTIN BIEBER tour happened. Everyone was expecting the Canadian singer to woo the Mumbai crowd, and all the fans were worried of how Bieber will deal with the scorching heat of Mumbai. Will he throw any tantrum? Each and every fan in Mumbai hopped from one gate of DY Patil stadium to another to see a glimpse of the singer.

The fact is, no one was expecting a massive crowd because Mumbaikars don’t want to burn themselves in the scorching heart of May to see Bieber. But, you are wrong if you are thinking the same. People were going crazy, they came in huge groups and Justin sang one of the most popular songs “Sorry” which the entire crowd loved.

Image Source: Justin Bieber

Here’s a list of the top 4 things that happened in “Justin Bieber India concert 2017”


Fans Of All Age Groups

Well, Justin Bieber definitely has fans of different age groups i.e.12 to 20 who came in the stadium wearing the “Purpose tour” t-shirts. They even sang “Sorry” while they were waiting in the queue. We saw few of them with “I love Justin Bieber” placards, while parents were surprised to see the popularity of this singer in India.

Image Source: Indiatimes


A 500 Ml Bottle At Rs 100

Can you believe it? That’s absolutely true. Needless to mention, this was one of the best opportunities for businesses to make money. They made the most out of it. It was a hot day. People had no other option than buying the bottle to quench their thirst. Many people complained about it, but it was of no use.


Super Expensive Food

Mumbaikars love vada pav. They usually pay around 12 bucks for a vada pav. They got the same in Justin Bieber concert at Rs 50. Yes, you heard it right. Subway lovers were complaining about the sandwich which costed around Rs 300, while a cold drink was around Rs 150. It was disheartening to see how people were spending their money because they had no other option but to buy the food from the stadium. What to do when you are hungry?


Bieber Greeted The Audience By Saying “Namaste”

Image Source: World News

Although everyone was expecting him on stage at 9 but he is very punctual. He came at around 8 pm. He was looking very casual in Bermuda shorts and a loose t-shirt.

How was your experienced In Justin Bieber India concert 2017? Was it worth to invest money? Tell us in the comments.

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