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5 Exclusive Home Décor Trends In 2017


5 Exclusive Home Décor Trends In 2017

5 Exclusive Home Décor Trends In 2017

This summer, you just need to get rid of the boring grey and experiment with bold colors. They can create a great visual impact and make a very strong statement if used in the right way.

It’s time to experiment with the unusual textures, creative graphics and vibrant colors to get a charming look for your home. Here’s a list of the following ways to add spark in your home décor.


Experiment With The Metallics

Image Source: Nice Home Decor

Whether you trust it or not, metallic are the perfect way to create the right balance in your room. It also acts as neutral. Just a little bit of metallic touch can add a charm in your home instantly. While you are incorporating some metallic pieces, try to keep the colour as bright as possible. The right metallic piece in your room can attract the right amount of attention and add the “oomph” factor in the dull space.


Do A Little Bit Of Research On Geometric Décor

Just look around anywhere. You’ll find triangles, squares and hexagons everywhere. It seems like everyone has fallen in love with geometric shapes. They are being used in pillows, blankets and all the different forms of home décor.

This kind of decoration is mostly preferred by people who like modern or quirky designs. It will also add a great visual appeal to your home. It is one of the best home décor options for people who love to mix it up and add a little bit of fun in home.


Bold Colors Are IN!

Color! Color! Everywhere. Which color should you choose?

No one likes the dull grey color in 2017 and it’s the bold colors which are in trend. They can create a strong visual impact and make a very strong statement. It’s time to make your home bright and gorgeous with the vibrant colors.


Opt For Those Crazy Prints

You must have heard of the popular quote, “Home is where the heart is” and that’s exactly why you should opt for something which will show your unique style and individuality. Never ever settle for anything ordinary. Go for the crazy prints in 2017 which will be the perfect style statement for your home. Focus on the small details because it will make a major difference.


Lush Green Plants

Image Source: Homedit

Lush green plants can definitely bring a lively feel in your room. Get those blossoming colorful plants which are perfect to get the summery look in your home. The reason why more and more people are choosing lush green plants is because it makes the space airy, spacious and comfortable. Buy palms, ferns, orchids etc to purify the air surrounding you.

Good luck!

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