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6 Bengali Restaurants In Delhi For Bong Foodies

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6 Bengali Restaurants In Delhi For Bong Foodies

6 Bengali Restaurants In Delhi For Bong Foodies

Living away from home can be a task, especially if you are a bong because bongs are foodies. They are “Probashi Bangalees”. Oh, how we crave for the “Sorshe Illish” especially when it sometimes rains in Delhi.

Aloo Posto, Mugh Daal, Kosha Mangsho. We are dedicating this blog to all the bong foodies in Delhi. So here’s a list of the top 6 restaurants in and around Delhi where you can enjoy lip-smacking Bengali cuisines.


Maa Tara ( Chitranjan Park)

It’s time to embrace your bong taste buds. Located in Market No.2, CR Park, this is a very small restaurant where you will get awesome food at an affordable price. One of the very major reasons why they have gained a lot of popularity is because of  their “Kosha Maangsho” which won’t disappoint you. Plan your next weekend lunch in MAA TARA.

Image Source: whats up life


Oh!! Calcutta ( Nehru Place)

Oh. Such a classy place. That’s what you will hear from most of your fellow Bengali friends who have visited this place. If you have still not tried the restaurant, you are definitely missing out few of the best Bengali cuisines in the city.

Don’t forget to try SHORSHEY BHAPA CHINGRI ( Mustard Prawns), Tomato Jaggery/Chutney and Kal Boishaki ( a drink made of green magoes and vodka). This is something to die for.


City Of Joy ( Alaknanda)

Another great restaurant in the lanes of Chitranjan Park where you will fall in love with their dal-aloo bhaja (finely sliced friend potatoes) and their Phool Kopir Dalna.  Try their Daab Chingri ( Prawns cooked inside the coconut) and of course their Fish Kobiraji.


Poribeshan ( Indirapuram)

It’s a take-away joint. You will love their Aloo Posto (potatoes which are made with Poppy seeds) and Lau Chingri ( Prawns made with gourd). It’s definitely going to blow your mind.


Bong Appetit, Malviya Nagar

Image Source: India Opines

You will find this small restaurant in Malviya Nagar Market and this is breath of fresh air for all the Bengalis who are living in Malviya Nagar Market. Chef Sambaran Mitra plays fantastic songs and is a great host for the guests. It’s a place where you can find authentic Bengali cuisines.


Bijoli Grill, Barakhamba Road

Very affordable, and a best place for people who cannot live without Bengali food. Bijoli Grill is one of the most popular restaurants in Kolkata, and this is also true for Delhi because most of the people visit this place because of their yummy Daab Chingri and Aloo Posto.

Go and grab that “Maach” right now. 🙂

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