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7 Things He Wants From You In Bed


7 Things He Wants From You In Bed

7 Things He Wants From You In Bed

He might find you cute and adorable but once you’re in the bedroom you should flaunt your best assets and let him explore your hotness. It’s time to be the bad girl in the bed and make him feel great. Here’s a list of the top 5 things he wants from you in bed.


Just Be A Little Selfish

Not entirely selfish but he would love to see that you are touching yourself and making him touch your favorite places. He does’t want you to please him, but you should first try to please yourself so that both of you have a great time. Remember, you can only make him feel great in bed once you feel sexy.

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Tease Him As Much As You Can

Just play a trial and error thing in bed. Give him what he exactly wants and take it back when he badly wants it. Make him beg. A little peek-a-boo is definitely a great thing to do. You just need to make sure that he enjoy a good time in bed.


Experiment With New Things

It’s going to be very hot when it’s new. Isn’t it? Have you shared your fantasy with your partner? Don’t you want to try something new in bed which you’ve not tried? You don’t need to think twice. Just go for it.


Initiate Things

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When a woman takes a lead, it’s extremely sexy. There can be nothing sexier than a woman who is initiating sex in the bed. And the fact is, he would love it. Take the baton in your hands and just make it hot and spicy as much as you can.


Let Him Control You

Sometimes, you should also give him the opportunity to take the lead. You should both try to strike the right balance in between. It won’t be spicy if you take the control all the time. If you both can take turns equally, it’s going to be hot.


Get Rough

A man loves biting. Of course, it might be a little rough but he would definitely love it. The key to have a good time in bed is passion. That’s how you can enjoy raw, rough and passionate sex with your partner. You should have loads of it.


And He Loves To Talk Dirty

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You really need to master the art of dirty talking. Give it a shot. Men love to hear the dirty words from a pretty mouth. Keep all these great tips in mind to have an awesome time in bed.

Good luck!

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