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Career As A Make-Up Artist After Class 12

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Career As A Make-Up Artist After Class 12

Career As A Make-Up Artist After Class 12

Unconventional careers have gained a lot of popularity, and this is only possible because of the ample number of opportunities in every field which gives you the option to earn a decent amount of salary no matter whether you have a MBA or not.

There is a huge demand of make-up artists and hair stylists in the fashion industry. These days, both men and women love to spend money on big brands and stylists who can make them look and feel good at the same time.

No matter whether you need traditional make up or party make up, artists are now making use of different make up products to make the clients happy. They work hard to give the clients what he/she expects.

Image Source: Mugeek Vidalondon

Make up is now one of the most competitive industries where you can earn a lot of money when you have the right skills. The good thing is that it not only helps you earn money, but it will also bring a lot of fame which will make you feel good about your profession in the long run.

Here’s a list of programs you can choose if you want to make a career in this industry:-

• Hair Artist
• Highlight Specialist
• Professional Make Up Artist
• Bridal Make-up artist
• Camouflage or corrective make-up artist
• Personality remodeling
• Prosthetic make up specialist

The two most popular career options in the make-up industry now are:-

*Open Your Make Up Academy

Image Source: Fashion Lady

You can also open your own make up academy and make your “entrepreneurship” dreams a reality. All you need to do is learn the beautification techniques, get a license and take care of the business strategy which includes location, financing, marketing etc.

*Be A Freelance Make-Up Artist

There is absolutely no difference between a freelance make-up artist and someone who is a full-time employed artist in a salon. However, a freelance make-up artist works on an assignment basis. You should have around 2-3 years of experience in salon before you start working as a freelance make-up artist.

There are many institutes in India which are offering such courses.

Have a look at the list:-

• Christine Valmy International Academy of Beauty, Mumbai
• Aashmeen Munjaal’s Star salon n’ Academy, Delhi
• J D Institute of Fashion Technology, Bangalore
• Lakme Academy, Mumbai & Delhi
• Loreal Arth Academy, Mumbai

Image Source: Youtube

You can also study this course internationally.

Check out the following institutes:-

• City and Guild University, U. K.
• London School of Advanced Make-up
• Delamar Academy for make-up and hair styling , United kingdom
• Cameron Jane Make-up Design Pvt Ltd, Sydney, Australia
• Vizio make-up academy, Germany

Good luck! 🙂

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