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4 Tips To Stay Healthy During Ramadan Fasting

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4 Tips To Stay Healthy During Ramadan Fasting

4 Tips To Stay Healthy During Ramadan Fasting

The holy month of Ramadan is here and Muslims all around the world have started their month-long fasting in the sacred month. They all are now keeping Roza for the almighty. While you have to strictly follow the fasting rules, it is also very important to take care of your health and eat nutritious food during Sehri and Iftari.


More Proteins, More Carbohydrates

Sehri is known to be the time when you will wake up at an early hour to have a rich meal. You should also drink water as much as possible. Iftari is the end of the day’s fast and this is usually broken by having dates which are one of the richest sources of energy. Always make sure to include such foods in the diet which is the right balance of proteins and carbohydrates. You can also have a full glass of milk or yoghurt with rice.

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Stay Hydrated

While you are keeping Roza in the month of Ramadan, you are also restrained from drinking water which results into dehydration. The problem is that it will also create cramping and muscle pain issues in your body due to less consumption of water. To avoid any kind of health issues, you should consume at least 8 glasses of water after the fast ends.

Nowadays, there are many apps online which can help you track how much water you are consuming in all throughout the day. You can also download one such app to know the exact amount of water you are drinking every day. Stop having cold water as it easily soothes your throat.


Exercise As Much As You Can

During Ramadan, people sometimes get exhausted because of fasting. However, you should never give up your daily workout. Needless to mention, you won’t be able to follow your complete workout routine strictly. However, you should try to do exercise as much as you can. Go for morning walks and do stretching regularly. It will also help in the digestion of food and your entire body will function normally.

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No Salty And Fried Foods

Rather than frying your food, you can bake it. Fried food has oil which is not easily digestible and it will eventually result in weight gain. You will also feel sluggish. Try to minimize the intake of salt in your food. Keep all these great tips in mind for a healthy Ramadan.

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